Friday, January 20, 2017

Dragon Warrior 2 - Lua Scripting - Targeted Chances

I've been writing and running some Lua script tests lately, thanks to TheCowness as I took most of the work from him.  I've been using them to test specific chances of things happening in various Dragon Warrior games.  

Here is one that I ran on for Dragon Warrior 2 (script here).  This script loads a preset state over and over and records the chances that either Middenhall, Cannock, or Moonbrooke are targeted in battle. 

The results:

From what I already knew from speedrunning this game, I was fairly confident that it was an equal chance for each character to be targeted.  This just confirms my suspicions and helps my sanity for whenever I see Moonbrook targeted and killed during the grind segment.  I might double check this for a couple more enemies, but I'm pretty sure that this holds throughout the game.

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