Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dragon Warrior 2 - Lua Scripting - Dodge Chances

One other thing that I've wondered in Dragon Warrior 2 is dodge chances: raw chance, with Surround up, and does the Clothes Hiding actually do anything? Here is the script I used to test (Dragon Warrior 2 Dodge Chance Lua).

First up is the chance of just a raw dodge:

Raw dodge chance

The chances are pretty low, and with some margin of error, seem to be in line with the general accepted 1/64 dodge chance. 

Here is an important one, the chance of being hit with the enemy Surrounded (in this case I used the Light Sword): 

A Surrounded Cyclops

Surround in this game gives an additional 25% chance to dodge an enemy attack. This is pretty low and they even adjusted this rate higher in later games to be more effective, to 50% or more.  It makes Surround a pretty useless spell, except for in a few select cases. 

Now for equipping Clothes Hiding:

Hero with Clothes Hiding equipped

This is the most surprising result.  Clothes Hiding seems to give an additional 12.5% (or 1/8) to dodge an enemy attack.  I was thinking this was much lower, and it might make getting a set of Clothes Hiding a good option at some point in the speedrun. 

And to be complete, I did one more test, combining Surround and Clothes Hiding: 

Cyclops Surrounded and Hero with Clothes Hiding

The effects of both seem to stack, giving close to the combined dodge chance of both Surround and Clothes Hiding. 

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